Sound & Lights

We can provide Sound Reinforcement, DJ Services and Lighting Systems for any sized event, including School Dances, Weddings,
and Cooperate events.  Please use the Contact Us page for more information.  Below are examples of our lighting packages:

Beaverton Oregon Stake New Years Eve Dance 2023

Sheldon High School prom 2022 at the Graduate Eugene

Autzen Stadium 2015 time lapse

Set up and take down of the party cube 2012 at Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum

Below is our gear inventory:

Sound Reinforcement
   1 Behringer MX1804 mixer
   4 Carvin LM15s
   8 SS15 Tapped horn subwoofers
   3 Crown XLS2500 amp
   1 DBX DriveRack PA +
   5 Sure SM58 microphones
   1 100' 16 x 4 snake
   Gemini UF 2064M with 2 wireless microphones
   Various XLR and 1/4' cables  
   Behringer ULTRA-DI PRO DI800
     8 Channels of DI for keyboards, guitars, iPods, etc.
   32 Blizzard Lighting Puck RGB
   16 Blizzard Lighting Blade QFX
   1 Double red double green Laser
   2 Chauvet HZ1000 hazer
   4 Global Truss ST-132 Crank up stands
   4 Global Truss 30'' x 30'' aluminum base plate
   4 Global Truss SQ-4112 2.0M Segment
  4 Global Truss SQ-4110 1.0M Segment
  4 Global Truss ST-UJB-12 Universal Junction Block
  4 Global Truss F34ADAPTER Adapter F34 / F32
   6 Global Truss IB-4051 2.0M Segment
   8 Global Truss IB-4053 3.0M Segment
   Sunlight Suite 2 DMX control software