Bob Kojima
Software Engineer/Developer
Articulate speaker and client-facing designer, with a hard-earned reputation for designing no-fail
software for commercialized products that work in mission-critical networks. Primary contributor to
building a company’s nationwide reputation for providing tailored software solutions for unique, robust,
and intuitive telecom equipment. Excited about new technologies and learns quickly in fast-paced, work
environments, becoming the 'go to’ programmer for new development.
• Works hands-on throughout all phases of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), remaining
   receptive to customer’s evolving needs to quickly and effectively provide reliable and elegant products.
• Ensures requirements and functional designs are accurately specified in technical designs, and that
   test plans and scripts rigorously test the features.
• Enjoys the challenge of researching and studying the components of a complex hardware design, the
   roles of each component, and the relationships among the components to understand precisely how
   the hardware is constructed.

Technical Skills:  
Programming Languages: Object Oriented Programming (OOP), Delphi (Pascal), C/C++, JAVA, HTML, DHTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, Assembly, shell commands and scripting
Operating Systems: Linux, UNIX, uClinux, Windows OS
Database Development: Oracle and MySQL
CMS: WebsiteBaker, Zen Cart, Drupal
Applications: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Word, Excel, NetBeans
Other Tools: SNMP MIBs

Work Experience

FIAL Incorporated, Portland, OR4/1999 – 12/2012
Software Engineer
Solely designed, developed, and deployed no-fault commercialized software, utilized in telecom monitoring
equipment that demands 24/7/365 availability. An unusually strong communicator for client-facing
assignments. (
Embedded functionality into new core products for a wide range of telecommunications alarm
   monitoring equipment that supports multiple protocols.
     °Designed for such devices as remote alarm encoders, packet tunneling devices over IP, data
       bridges, and other specialized equipment products.
     °Successfully planned and executed numerous deadline-oriented projects from design to
       implementation and testing, and on through to 100% user acceptance.
     °Client base included Alcatel-Lucent, Washington State Dept. of Transportation, Puget Sound
       Energy, AT&T, Comcast, El Paso Gas, Union Telephone, Bell Canada, and more.
Created software efficiencies by designing and deploying an unattended, network upgrade process
   for over 1000 Alcatel-Lucent microwave radios, saving our client, Bell Canada, over 200 man hours.
     °Programmed in Java to create a repeatable process that could be easily updated for future
       upgrades using newer versions of the Java libraries.
     °Conducted testing, in combination with test engineers, at Alcatel-Lucent and Bell Canada.
Developed functional and easy to use software that enabled operators to remotely monitor
   communication devices with zero changes to the process. Designed, developed, and deployed a
   natural user interface (GUI) that became a marketplace differentiator for the company.
     °Using intuitive design style graphically represented the current state of LEDs and switches to retain
       look and feel, and functionality of the equipment.
     °Received glowing reviews from client, with the user interface becoming a standard offering at
       many utility companies and 911 call centers.
Developed reliable software with an SNMP alarm encoder remote that is now a standard part of
   mission-critical networks used by such companies as Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and PSE.
     °Embedded programming using uClinux to remotely monitor external alarms, analogs, and controls.
     °Device was field tested during an unplanned fire and proven to be fault tolerant.
Optimized processes by creating SNMP scripts for teaching Next Generation Manager (NGM) to
   retrieve all alarms, analogs, and PM data from microwave radios and other network equipment.
     °Achieved remarkable process optimization by developing a toolkit of reusable techniques and
       components adaptable to a variety of unique SNMP devices.
     °When required by client, able to create 90% accurate scripts without even connecting to real
       equipment, followed by a 1-2 day on-site visit to complete project.
Modernized website functionality with a content management system to reduce dependency on
   IT for frequent changes and to encourage self-sufficiency for web updates.
     °Installed WebsiteBaker on web server, set up MySQL tables, and used images to create a
       template for site layout. Maintained internal web calendar, MySQL databases, and website for
       tracking POs, customers, and employees.

Other projects included:
• Developing Windows-based job tracking and accounts receivable/GL software with a MySQL database
   to manage customer accounts and payment scheduling.
• Documenting new product implementations and modifications to existing products.
• Automating process for customers to add equipment to database when setting up a new NGM
   installation. Programmed in Java to allow NGM to find all SNMP devices in a given IP range.
• Being part of a team effort to rewrite circuit tracking software to track and bill leased circuits
   between cities.

Personal Profile

• As a consummate designer, created:
     °Bricksaic used by LEGO artists around the world to create instructions for turning any photo into a
       LEGO mosaic. Used by model builders at LEGOLAND California to make all mosaics in theme park.
     °DJ6900, a dual MP3 player for use by DJs, clubs, and radio stations. Written in Delphi for Windows.
     °Parts Catalog, a database application used to inventory and manage LEGO brick collections.
     °tOGGer, an application for mass tagging Vorbis Ogg audio files.

• Built a home-based business as a hobby to satisfy my need to create. Design, print, and sell LEGO themed
   T-shirts internationally. Understand importance of addressing customer needs and the many facets of
   business required for it to function successfully.


B.S. in Computer and Information Science, University Of Oregon, Eugene, OR 1998